1. Why is there water in the dishwasher after use?

It is possible that the filter in the bottom of the machine or the drain pump is clogged. After cleaning the filter or pump, it turns out the problem has been remedied if the water early next wash cycle is pumped out.

2. Can I wash service with traces of sand or the like. in the dishwasher?

This is not recommended. Remove the remains of service before you get it in the dishwasher as it may stick to the pump or spray arm

3. Why is my service not properly clean?

You should always choose a wash program suitable for the crockery soiling. Make sure that cutlery is not in the spoon and make sure you use the correct dose of soap. You can also check the spray arm mechanics are clean or filter is clogged

4. Why is service not dry after washing?

​No service has recesses in which the trapping of water, such as the bottom of the cups. Other services will dry more slowly, such as wood and plastic utensils. This means that there is more humid in the dishwasher and the rest of the dishes have allows a number of becoming dry. It helps to open the washing machine after washing to drying.

There can be numerous reasons for problems with your dishwasher. Some are easier to solve than others. If the problems do not stop after the above examples are used, contact Your Appliance Repairs on
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