1. Why does the program not start?

First check that the plug is still in, and the fuse is ok. See also the door is properly closed, and the program is selected and started. If the machine has a locking feature, so make sure this is disabled. Last, you can try to remedy the problem by checking if the gas valve is open when dryers are gas heated. ​

2. Why doesn´t the clothes dry as it should?

It is possible that it is so simple a matter as to empty the lint filter or not properly dried by heating. In a condenser dryer can rinse the condenser to remove lint, but the capacitor must be completely dry before putting it back in the dryer. In a dryer hood can be cleaned flue and right bends in the hose if any. An electronic dryer may have had a coating on the inside of the drum and the sensors, so you can wipe the drum with a cloth in vinegar.​ ​

3. My ” light uptank empty” lights

This means that the condensate tank is filled up and the need to empty it. Turn off the appliance first and then drain the tank and put it back in the machine. If you still have the problem and the dryer is connected to a condensate drain hose tion can chekked on the clogged electricity

4. Hvorfor bliver mit tøj ikke tørt selvom det bliver varmt?

Dette kan være en simpel ting, som en tilstoppet kondenspumpe. Men den kan også være defekt. Du bør kontakte Din Hvidevare Reparatør på telefon70 70 15 90. ​ Der kan være utallige grunde til problemer med din tørretumbler. Nogle er lettere at løse end andre. Hvis problemerne ikke ophører efter ovennævnte eksempler er anvendt, så kontakt Din Hvidevare Reparatør på
70 70 15 90

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