1. Why rhymes freezer excessively?

There is only one reason why a freezer rhyme and it is due to moist air. It is normal that this happens in normal use (opening and closing the machine) and defrost is also necessary at intervals. If the freezer rhyme more than what is considered to be normal, so check that the door is completely closed and it is not standing slightly ajar or damaged. The seal should like to finish close to the frame.

2. Why is there water in my fridge?

It is possibly because afrimningslangen is blocked, which sometimes happens when food is in contact with the evaporator and freezes. When the refrigerator is defrosted slipping small residues from food to defrost water down the hose. This can block it.

3. The appliance displays an error message

You can turn off the power to the refrigerator and turn it on again. If there is an error code, so the code notes and contact Your Appliance Repairs 70 70 15 90

4. ​Why cools the refrigerator not as it is supposed?

Air circulation in a refrigerator must not be blocked by the rear wall of the air cooler only when it is circulated. It is also possible that too much food in a refrigerator can reduce the cooling operation, while the power consumption goes up.

There can be numerous reasons for problems with your freezing and refrigerator. Some are easier to solve than others. If the problems do not stop after the above examples are used, contact Your Appliance Repairs 70 70 15 90


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