1. Why does the burner on my cooktop not start?

If you have not used the appliance for a period, it may be that there is air in the gas line. You can try to repeat the ignition sometimes. Moreover, you can check whether the burner parts are put together correctly and whether the burner is clean and dry. See also, on the flame orifice is dry and free of debris.

2. My oven does not heat?

There could be several reasons, but it is often because the thermostat or heater is faulty. You should contact Your Appliance Repairs on telephone 70 70 15 90.

3. Hvorfor er min keramiske kogeplade skjoldet?

The record has possibly been slightly damp by heating or maybe the cleaner is thoroughly removed. After cleaning, it is best to dry the ceramic surface with a damp cloth to remove the detergent completely. Then wipe off the plate with a dry cloth. The plate must be completely dry before turning it on.

4. Why is there so much moisture or steam from my stove when cooking?

If you use a large frying pan or too much water when roasting a smaller court, then the water level too high and you get more condensation. When using the oven, some dishes, such as vegetables, create more condensation than others. It helps that the use of bottom heat in this case. The hot air may also cause more steam in the oven.

There can be numerous reasons for problems with your oven or stove. Some are easier to solve than others. If the problems do not stop after the above examples are used, contact Your Appliance Repairs on
70 70 15 90.

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