1. Why does “water supply” light up?

You can check if the tap is sufficiently open. It may also be that the inlet hose is bent or “broken”. Moreover, you can try to remedy the problem by cleaning the filter and drain pump. If the light continues to flash or light up, contact Your Appliance Repairs on 70 70 15 90.

2. There are traces of soap in the washing machine soap drawer

There are some detergents that are not easily rinsed properly out of the detergent drawer, so you can try another soap. In addition, the nozzles in the detergent drawer also be clogged and must be cleaned (with toothbrush). It is also possible that the filter in the inlet hose is stopped by the screwed onto the faucet or appliance..

3. Why are clothes torn apart?

This can happen if you put too much clothes in the washing machine and pressed together inside the drum. Therefore, it may be trapped between the drum and lugebælgen and be torn to pieces. Hooks and zippers on clothing can also tear it.​

4. There is still a fabric softener into the machine

It is possible that the conditioner insert is not properly installed or clogged. It is also possible that the drawer should be cleaned before the problem rectified.

There can be numerous reasons for problems with your washing machine. Some are easier to solve than others. If the problems do not stop after the above examples are used, contact Your Appliance Repairs 70 70 15 90

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